How to Use


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1. Unbox Flamethrower

2. Unscrew top piece by turning it counter clockwise

3. Fill with 50% gas - 50% diesel with 24 ounces of fuel. Package includes a 24 ounce filling container for easy fills

4. Screw top back on by turning it clockwise

5. Check pressure valve is open (small black lever is facing forward)

6. Unscrew Schrader valve cover

7. Fill Schrader valve up to 100 PSI - 120 PSI using one 16 gram CO2 cartridge using the CO2 pressure inflator which is included in your order. The Flamethrower requires only one 16 gram CO2 cartridge to be filled.

8. Close pressure valve (turn small black lever 90 degrees clockwise, when closed it’s facing right)

9. Turn on torch lighter and while ignited (flame on) turn on lock switch to keep flame on.

10. Press large black lever to fire